Growing Family

We adopted my sweet Cruz May 11th.  Mom, Mimi, Gale, Matt, Maddox, and Hope Hudson came for his adoption.  It lasted only about 20 minutes…we walked into a courtroom and the judge asked if there were any uncontested adoptions.  Our representative went forward and told him about our adoption.  Then we all went into a room adjoining the courtroom and the judge spoke for a few about some relative he had that adopted and a few other things, then he checked the paperwork, signed a few things, and we were done!  No more visits from social workers (at least for Cruz) and he is now an official Powell. 

If that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, later that afternoon we got a call about 2 girls that needed an immediate placement.  We had already discussed taking them for the summer, but they needed to move that exact day.  oh my!  We weren’t really ready, but they were coming anyways.  “Belle” and “A.J.” arrived around 6:30 that night.   A.J., a beautiful, happy 14 month old and Belle, a very active, sweet and playful 2 1/2 year old.  Those 2 girls have sure rocked Cruz’s world lately!  It has been a huge adjustment for our household.  The garbage, the laundry, the dishes, the meals, the messes.  Ugh!   But, the girls need parents.  

I know that God’s ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts higher than our thoughts.  He planned long ago for us to have these kids in our home and in our family.  I only wish there were some way for everyone to understand that we are choosing adoption, not for lack of fertility or anything like that, but because we love kids.   God has a heart for adoption and redemption and in a way, adoption is like rescuing kids.   I love the idea of being a rescuer, bringing them into a safe place where they are loved and accepted just as they are. It’s a beautiful thing created by our Father God. 

I pray that our family continues to grow a little bit more…I would like to be pregnant once.   No hurry though 🙂  I am amazed at the women I know who had 5 or 6 kids.  I don’t know how they did it, I have a hard enough time keeping sane with 3!  I love them though, and pray that God brings them closer together quickly, for Cruz’s sake.  This is probably the hardest on him.  It breaks my heart to see him struggle with the shared attention spread among the 3 of them.   He’s a special boy though and I know he will be a wonderful brother to those girls.  He loves the baby and calls her “Sugar” like his daddy.


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3 Weeks and Counting!

It’s so close to summer, and so hard to believe it!  The weather is still so nice and my workload at school has been just as steady.  I have made an effort to leave at 3:15 every day (except for faculty meeting days) to get to spend time with Cruz now that Seth is working until 5 and home at 5:30 daily.  This summer we are gonna have so much time together, we won’t know what to do! I need to get a workbook or 2 for him to do some work over the summer so he doesn’t forget all that he’s been learning in preschool so far.   Less than 2 weeks from the adoption date…YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am sure we’ll be doing some doctor and dentist visits in over the summer.  He needs his 4 year old shots…that’s gonna be a fun visit.  I REALLY want to make an effort to shed the 10 pounds I’ve gained this year.  It’s driving me nuts!  If that means joining the gym or just doing a lot of laps in the hood and eating salad every day, I’ll do it baby!  I will work in my library some and do some storytimes at Cruzs’ school.   We need to work on plans for the foster/adoptive ministry at church and put some things on paper.  How is it that my posts usually end up in some sort of list?   Well, while I am list making, here’s another list for ya.   With Mother’s Day approaching, here are 5 reasons I like being a mom:

1.  Getting “lovin'” (hugs and kisses!).

2. Disney Channel-we are watching the cutest shows!  (Sunny with a Chance, Good Luck Charlie, etc.)

3. Kids clothes-they are so cute!!

4. T-ball-best way to spend a Saturday!  I get to watch boys learn how to play one of the greatest sports ever created!  (I recently saw Cruz’ first attempt at sliding into homebase….adorable!!!)

5.  Getting to see Cruz take on our traits and attitudes!  He copies my faces I make and says things that we say.  The other day he told Seth, “That gotta hurt,” about his hurt finger!  hahaha  On a more serious side, his sweet prayers are so refreshing.  He says some things that we say when we pray, and others are just sweet expressions of his heart. 

There are a lot more reasons, but its Friday afternoon and my brain is gone!  Long day!

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We are a little over a week into the new house!  We are so happy with it and plan on staying  here a long time as long as God wills it.  Some of my favorite things:

1. It’ s near the end of a cul-de-sac.  I always envied kids that lived on cul-de-sacs.  Their houses were always the cool ones where all the kids gathered to play in the yards and play ball in the street. 

2. There is a bar on the island…another thing I didn’t have as a kid.  Not that Cruz should eat dinner and watch t.v., but I am not gonna lie.  He does on occasion 🙂  And it’s great for having family over for meals…added seating!

3.  The master has two sinks and a tub…who doesn’t love that!

4. The washing machine and dryer are in the house!  No more cold nights going in and out of a carport to do laundry.

5. A patio for grilling.  Seth used to have to grill in the carport. 

6.  A wooden fence around the backyard for privacy.  I can lay out this summer and no one has to see me 🙂

7.  Cabinetry. 

Father God,

               I thank you that can do more than we ask or imagine!  You’ve done that in my life, blessing me with incredible parents, family, friends, and a home.  My desire is that you would be glorified and honored in this home by Seth, me, and all the kids that are raised here.   Let it be a place where those who visit are drawn to You and feel your presence and your peace as soon as they set foot on our property.  Use us to be a blessing to our neighbors and an encourement to the believers we meet here.  God, you are so good to me.  Thank you for being such a loving Father to me, Amen

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To Do’s:

It’s Spring Break 2010!  Seth will be working a little overtime this week to make a little extra for house stuff since we should be moving around the 26th.  I’m at a loss for what to do this week, since we are trying to save money for house needs and to pay the truck off sooner.  Hmm.  So what do I do this week?
1.  Go to the library…and not the one I work at.  Get a good book to read and pay any late fees.

2. Do something different with Cruz. 

3. Go to the thrift store in town…try to find some deals 🙂

4. Start finding baby stuff for when we get the next call about a baby in foster care.   I’m tired of saying no!   Bring on the babies!

5.  Think of more stuff to do! I sound so boring!  I’m sure there will be lots of HGTV and Disney channel watching too 🙂

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Commiting my Ways to God and Relying on His Word

This summer I’m reading Me, Myself, and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild, a study Beth Moore is going through along with thousands of women all over the country.  Mom and Mel are also doing it.  It’s all about the thoughts that we speak to our soul, whether they are human thoughts or whether they reflect godly thoughts.  What it comes down to is this: if you’re not in the word frequently, if you’re not around people that are in the word daily, then your words and thoughts to yourself will not be that great.  Here’s the embarrasing truth: I say to myself that my day was just too busy to find a quiet time with the Lord, but yet I found time to watch a 2 hour movie with Seth or to read 6 articles on    Time with my husband is great and being well educated is also beneficial, but neither should come before intimacy with my Creator, my Father, and my Friend. 

5 Random things I never want to forget:

1. The way that our 3 year old puts his arm around me when I lay with him and then kisses me on the shoulder.

2. How hot it has been the summer of 2009-so far, ten days over 100 degrees!

3. My first date with Seth to Walnut Circle…new outfits, a borrowed cars, flowers, and a teeshirt from Mexico.

4. How delicious Mom’s rocky road cookies were as a kid, warm, right off the wax paper.

5. The excitement of having  a garage sale, as a kid getting to eat doughnuts and see what kind of odd people showed up, and as an adult seeing how much we can make getting rid of our junk.

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Writing Project Pieces

Here’s some things I wrote recently….


If You’re Not from Purvis



If you’re not from Purvis, then you don’t know the Tornadoes.

You couldn’t know how the whole town comes together on hot Friday nights in the fall

to watch the Nader’s play.

You wouldn’t know how every store in town sells purple and gold teeshirts

and displays a sign in the window supporting their athletes.

If you’re not from Purvis, then you don’t know the Tornadoes.


If you’re not from Purvis, then you don’t know small town country livin’.

You don’t know about ropin’, rodeos, or huntin’.

You wouldn’t know what a pretty house is because the two acres around it lie between a foul smellin’ pig farm and a dilapidated shack.

If you’re not from Purvis, then you don’t know small town country livin’.


If you’re not from Purvis, then you don’t know Southern dialect.

You wouldn’t know what a winda, a weddin, a pilla, or wudder is.

You probably wouldn’t see the beauty of a sun tanned four year old in scuffed up cowboy boots saying, “Yes ma’am,” to his momma,

If you’re not from Purvis, then you surely wouldn’t appreciate Southern dialect.


But, if you are from Purvis, then you know the name of everybody on your old dirt road.

You can’t go to Anderson’s Drug Store or Movie Star Restaurant without seeing a friend.

You know that the town is early to rise, and goes to bed in the same manner.

“Y’all have a good night,” can be heard from hospitable store keepers as they lock the doors under an unset sun.

If you are from Purvis, you and your family will most likely stay in Purvis

Because no where else can you enjoy the safety, charm, and character of a town like Purvis, Mississippi.




















Ashley’s Furniture


Where did our love for Ashley’s begin? I remember getting a Papasan chair as a Christmas gift from Seth during my engagement period. I remember another time, before we got married, coming back to Mimi’s house from a weekend away and returning to new couch pillows, curtains, and a new furniture set up as a surprise from Seth. Those were the times I realized what kind of man I was marrying. Unique, talented, and slightly unlike what I had imagined my husband being. Our first big purchase together as a married couple was a kitchen table. Seth was so involved and considerate of what would be most aesthetically appropriate for our style, dining area, and home. Although Hattiesburg has countless furniture stores, something drew us to Ashley’s. Was it the constant commercial advertisements? The mailers? Or just the name? I wish I knew.


The table was rectangular, sturdy, and black. The chairs had a tall back and a thick soft leather cushion. Over the past few years, and having a food obsessed dog and now a three year old that eats like a college rugby player, the table is used and abused frequently. Our three year old’s chair is typically sticky with a crumb here or there from the latest hot dog or cookie. Since Easter, his place at the table stands out with a bold Spider Man place mat. My spot at the table is recognizable by the pile of papers or books in my place. Papers to grade, books from which to find inspiration or encouragement. Seth’s spot is cleared, unless my things overflowed into his.


It started with the table, but as our home and family grew, so did our furniture needs. Not too long ago, we determined that we needed a new dresser, since our original one had drawers falling out, water marks on top, and was just plain ugly. With a husband like mine, that could only last in our bedroom for so long. So, we determined a trip to Ashley’s was in order.


After falling for the black dining room table, we knew black was sort of our thing. Elegant, but comfortable. Stylish, but inviting. We were drawn to just a few dressers with, of course, black. We especially loved the ones with a multitude of drawers, considering the small size of our bedroom. There is certainly no room for a chester drawer* or nightstand. So, we settled on the perfect dresser. The top was brown, the bottom black. The handles were the new style, I guess called cup pulls, perhaps satin nickel. Sleek, sexy, and mature.


Could we stop with just the dresser? No. Ashley’s had a special that day. (Shocker) If you spent a certain amount, you would get $500 in gas cards and a $100 prepaid Mastercard. Who can turn down a deal like that one? I could, but my Seth could not. We left the store not only purchasing the dresser, but also a new designer couch. Realizing our current recliner didn’t match, we sprung for a new one of the same style. And I bet you can guess the color of the couch and recliner.


We are now known for our strong support of Ashley’s. As we are trying to save money with a growing family, we are perfectly content now going on a date to Backyard Burger followed by a walk through Ashley’s Furniture. The salesperson’s know our faces and don’t mind that we treasure the times we get to explore their store and dream about our next purchase. Or purchases.







* Chester drawers is a Mississippi term for “chest of drawers”

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No time, but oh well.

I don’t have time to post, but here I am at almost 11!  Today was Seth’s first Father’s Day.  I hope he enjoyed it.  You can’t go wrong with Movie Star for lunch, right?  Tonight we saw “The Proposal.”  Mrs. Gale babysat with us.  It was a cute movie that made me want to visit Alaska.  I can’t last any longer than this.  going to bed now!

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